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Moreton Bay Fishing Charters

Posted on January 27 2012 by admin

Adjacent to the city of Brisbane's eastern suburbs, Moreton Bay offers the closest salt water fishing to Brisbane (the capital of Queensland, Australia). Moreton Bay is one of the favourite places for residents of Brisbane and surrounds to boat and fish.

The most common departure points are Scarborough, Manly, Cleveland and Redland Bay. Scarborough is the most northern of these points, and Redland Bay the most southern, with Manly and Cleveland also lying in the more southern reaches in the bay. Fishing charters leave these points to access Moreton Bay’s many reefs, estuaries and surface fishing hot spots. Species found all around Moreton Bay include Flathead, Bream, Whiting and Mackeral.

Tangalooma is a very popular fishing location on the inside of Moreton Island which forms part of the eastern border of Moreton Bay. Many Moreton Bay Fishing Charters utilise Tangalooma’s attractions and add snorkelling and beach stops to their fishing trip itineraries. Species targeted here include Trevally, Leatherjacket, Tusk Fish and Parrot Fish.

Peel Island is a favourite fishing spot offering protection from the prevailing weather conditions and reef species including Squire and Snapper. While all of the estuaries throughout Moreton Bay provide excellent crabbing and Flathead fishing, the southern estuaries around Jumpinpin and Jacob’s Well are a favourite fishing location. Many fishing charters service this area.

Moreton Bay contains designated Green Zones in which fishing and some other activities are not allowed. These sanctuaries are designed to protect marine life and ensure sustainable fish stocks – which is excellent for the long term future of fishing in Moreton Bay. For more information on these Green Zones download the official user guide. Note the download is 10.8MB and is 44 pages. This highlights the complexity of the rules, and with on-the-spot fines of $AU375, you do not want to get it wrong.

All fishing charter guests are also subject to Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries bag and size limits. All local fishing charter skippers and operators are fully familiar with all rules and regulations and will ensure you keep on the right side of the law.

For a comprehensive list of fishing charters servicing Moreton Bay, see the Moreton Bay Fishing Charters directory. Details such as cost, length of trip, target locations, target species and departure points are available, along with fishing pictures, trip reports, available dates and fishing charter reviews. Once you find a fishing charter that satisfies your requirements, simply follow the links to lodge an enquiry.

Happy fishing!

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