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Record your fishing adventures with GoPro Video Cameras

Posted on December 28 2011 by admin

Whether you are an angler or fishing charter operator, there are great benefits in capturing your fishing adventures using the latest in video technology. are the leaders in hands-free video recording - their cameras can be mounted on your wrist, chest, head, helmet, surfboard, boat etc - the possibilities are endless.

The latest offering, the HD Hero2, is waterproof to 60m, capable of capturing professional full 170 degree wide angle 1080p video, up to 120 frames per second, and 11 megapixel photos at a rate of 10 photos per second. For the not so technically minded, that means human like field of vision, extremely high quality video and still pictures and the possibility of slow motion playback. I recommend anglers look at the GoPro® HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition as it includes Vented Helmet Strap, Head Strap, Curved Adhesive Mounts, Flat Adhesive Mounts and a 3-way Pivot Arm. This means you can mount the camera anywhere on your boat using the Adhesive Mounts.

You won't be the only one taking the plunge. I subscribe to GoPro's video of the week and I'm constantly amazed by what I see. I'm also seeing more and more of these devices being used for water sports like surfing, kite-surfing and fishing.

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