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Posted on January 17 2012 by admin

Not enough anglers to book a fishing charter of interest? Happy to join another group to make up numbers on a fishing charter trip? Look no further. Fishing charter waiting lists are now available on You will be off on your next fishing charter in no time.

You can join a fishing charter waiting list in three easy steps
1. Browse our Fishing Charter directory and find a fishing charter of interest and click on the "more details" link.
2. Click on the "Waiting List" link.
3. Click on the "Join the waiting list for this charter" link and add your details.

For example, let's say you want to do a full day estuary fishing on Moreton Bay QLD. One of our most popular Moreton Bay fishing charters needs two anglers but you can not find anyone else to fish for the life of you. You could join the waiting list and tag along on the next fishing charter that has room for one angler. To join that waiting list you would follow these steps:

1. See the fishing charters details at Moreton Bay Charters
2. Navigate to the Waiting List for that fishing charter.
3. Click on Join the waiting list for this charter and add your details.

Whether you are on your own or have a group, these waiting lists can work for you. Sign up with as many fishing charters as you like. The entries will be viewable by the public when approved by the webmaster.

Then all you have to do is wait. will be in touch when an opportunity arises. It's all easy with fishing charter waiting lists.

Cheers and good luck finding your next fishing charter.

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